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Blog - kolovoz 2008
subota, kolovoz 30, 2008
29.8.2008 23:39:54 | Neregistrirani korisnik []
Billy, ti si genije za zajebanciju. Svaka zajebancija ima svoju cijenu. Maximov brat je bogati advokat u Moskvi. Čekaj samo dok ti stigne sudski poziv!

Billyjev komentar : nadam se da necu i njemu morati da placam zlatnu karticu i sofera da ga voza po rocistima...
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četvrtak, kolovoz 28, 2008
Pogled na Visoko i dolinu  nije ni odkud tako impresivan kao odozgo.
07 sati.More magle.A gore, predivno sunčano jutro.Šta se sve krije ispod magle?
Izgleda, dosta toga.Zašto misliti tako kad je ljepše pogledati „more“ i zamišljati da je Bosna nekada imala more a tajne dubina ostajale su vječite tajne.
Ko nam uze more i zašto.Uze ga, a bilo bi lijepo da ga imamo.

( Admiral Swelim u pauzi radionice : Ko je uzeo bosansko more ,kada i zašto ?Šta su to morske i pomorske strukture ? )
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Hello Billy!
I'm glad to hear You :)
If the Foundation decided to (after volunteer
 work) offer me a paid 9-month specialization at an institute in Paris I would be happy, I would be agree.

There were big problems on my e-mail server for 24 hours. I couldn't open my mail box. I'm afraid problems may repeat. Please send me letters to this e-mail and the copies to my second e-mail: mixik84@list.ru If it possible. Thanks

Looking forward to hear from You


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srijeda, kolovoz 27, 2008
(Sken sam preuzeo sa news grupe hr.rec.humor.binaries)

Milos Obilic, srpski heroj
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Da se malo odmorite od Maxim-a !

(Goran Cakic)

A u nastavku zna se  - novi broj MAXIM magazina !
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Maxim Yakovenko

Hello Billy!

I built a new web page about Bosnian pyramids in 2007. I send you this link
I build web pages alone, nobody helps me and therefore I need much time for this process. I spent 10 hours for design  building only for one main page last year ago. Now I can do more but as you can see  web site is so easy :)

I can't accept paid advertisements because web server www.narod.ru (where web site is located) is free server. It would be great to place web site on commercial server  (www.ancient-mayak.RU or www.ancient-mayak.COM for examples) in future then I'll accept paid advertisements.
I think about big web site in Russian about Bosnian pyramids on commercial server. I'll do it when I'll find good design program for making web site because "SiteAid" that I use now is out-of-date program.

I'm translating now  articles by Semir Osmanagic to Russian "The Formula to understand the Bosnian Pyramids!" and
'Scientists Against Sane Reasoning'. I like his boldness and bravery. I'll post those translations on web site.

Best regards,

Yes, Maxim,  Semir (pronounced in bosnian Sa-meeer) is a great man indeed.
If he lived 70 years ago , he would have been a great leader, like Churchil,Roosevelt,Mao or Stalin.
I always admire him and never stop thinking how world would have been a much better place if Semir led it . Semir is like Sun and the Moon - he gives us the Light of Education and reflects it upon those who need it most. What a great man. If I were a woman, I would have asked Semir to marry me.
Your love and perseverance for spreading the truth about Semir is touching indeed. I will let him know of your activities and see if it is possible to speed up the process of taking you in our team.
Thank You once agian Maxim

Dear Billy!
I forgot to write in c.v. :) about my participating in organizing photo exhibition that was April 2007 and dedicated for two Russian journalists which went to Chinese pyramuds (Xian) in January 2007.

My professor, director of Canadian and USA Center where I work  (coordinator) can write recommendation for me if it necessary.
And now about important details :)

Duration stay
I would like to stay in Visoko for 30 days. As I know excavation will stop at the end of October. If You think 30 days short duration stay I could stay in Visoko for 35-40 days. It's depend on my arrive in Bosnia. I'm happy that Russians needn't visa but I'll call to BaH embassy in Moscow in any case. I can go for some months  to Bosnia in 2008 year.

I expect to receive amount of money from the foundation  for:

1. Tickets
My way: Vladivostok - Moscow - Zagreb - Visoko (from Croatia on bus or train or air plane I don't know what's variant isn't expensive) and after stay: Visoko - Zagreb - Moscow - Vladivostok.

  All tickets from Vladivostok to Croatia and from Croatia to Vladivostok cost  from 1000 to 1200 Euro. If foundation can't pay all cost of tickets I would be glad to receive part of this amount.

2. Accommodations

I knew that 1 day in Hotel Sunca in Visoko cost 10 Euro.
I don't know another variant of living in Visoko.
30 days X 10 Euro = 300 Euro

6-7 Euro approximately pure day. My acquaintance told me about cost in cafe.
30 days = 150 - 200 Euro

total accommodation is 450-500 Euro

I hope everything vill be Ok :)

Kind regards,

P.S. I attached 3 photos. The first I go to research megalith site (August 2006)
2 and 3 are from conference (July 2007) where I worked.

Hello Maxim,
Thanks so much for the information shared so far, and for the pics .
Some of the people I showed your CV were actually very impressed - maybe only a few people in the foundation have so much experience as you do .
I will soon send You a questionaire which you should fill correctly, so that we can categorize and put you in our database, and find you a nice assignment :)

I take it total costs of your travel and accomodation to Bosnia would be something on order of 2,000€ for the tickets and 500€ for accomodation (total 2,500 €). Do you also have other costs, that you would like to have reimbursed by the foundation ? The foundation sometimes approves additional costs to outstanding team members - sometimes it´s possible to get a foundation credit card for practically unlimited use - i.e. for your shopping, coffe shops, night clubs etc. Also, do let me know if you will need a car and a driver to take you around site ?

Anyway - please wait for my questionaire  - it will have some additional questions for you to answer - and then we´re ready for phase II of your engagement;)

Kind regards

Hello Billy!
 I have just received questionaire. :)
  Thank you!
 I try to answer carefully and to send it today.
  Best regards,

Hello Billy!
There are deep night in Vladivostok, I had problems with digital camera.
Some questions were impressed me as 8-10 from part II. The question 4 from part II was difficult for me that I'm not sure  I was right.
I hope my mistakes wouldn't spoil my characteristics :)

Best wishes


Hello Maxim, thank You very much for sending the form in time. Its not a problem if you didnt know some answers, because nobody is perfect.
However - regarding the work permit test (which is based on questions provided by Bosnian government, and not foundation) has to be filled 100%.The question regarding visiting "rogue states"  - which is mainly countries which were at conflict with US, (bosnian main political ally) have to be answered - so please tell me if you did visit any of the countries listed in the question 8, section III (General Work Permit Eligibility Test) - it doesn´t mean your work permit would be rejected even if you did visit i.e. Serbia - our government simply stores this data in a database to keep track of visitors (its a silly EU requirement :( ).
Anyway, please send me this information and I will enter it for You.

Hi Billy!
Oh, you are so friendly to me!
I have never visited rogue states. There wasn't variant of answer on the questionaire and I didn't know what to write.
When I will know the Foundation decision about me? And what I should do it now? :)

Best wishes from Vladivostok


Hi Billy!
Oh, you are so friendly to me!
I have never visited rogue states. There wasn't variant of answer on the questionaire and I didn't know what to write.
When I will know the Foundation decision about me? And what I should do it now? :)

Best wishes from Vladivostok


Saga se nastavlja, ostanite sa nama ....

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utorak, kolovoz 26, 2008
Hello Billy!

I understand why You admire Semir when I saw his pictures on Internet at first ( April 2006) I felt  a big impulse of shine and kind energy.
I wrote a letter to him 3 weeks ago I would like to quote fragment:
" I  am fascinate your brave and honor in  pyramids exploration  in Visoko. I have been watching news from excavations daily for 2 years. Your great discovery in Bosnia changed my life I began to research megalithic sites of Primorsky kray where I live. And after I built my web site about it in English because world society should know about pre-historic sites in my region.
You  Mr. Osmanagic are  hero for me because you dare to change the fundamental and rotten system of  history and anthropology sciences.
The discovery of Bosnian pyramids may change consciousness of humankind and all ideas of ancient, pre-historic times. It's very important now when the Earth is stand negative spiral and vibration. But Earth will have changed by  the and of 2012. I know that you researched Maya's calendar and now understand all meaning of this time. Your discovery in Bosnia  is one step to new era that would begin in 2012. Then  humankind consciousness must change.  Modern scientific, politic, religion consciousness will change then also. Pyramids in Visoko will re-written  orthodox history and will change people consciousness+".

I will be glad and happy to meat with Semir in future.
Anywhere! I can't find work address and e-mail of Oleg Khovroshkin geophysics from Russian Science Academy which researched pyramids constructions on July. I would like to correspond with him I think my Russian web site about pyramids would be interesting for him. My be he write a topic for web site!
If You know his e-mail or work address could you please give it to me?
Thank You VERY MUCH for everything that you do for me 


Hi, Yes well You know - everybody in Bosnia loves Semir because he will solve all of our problems. The scientist dont understand this great man , and it sometimes makes me want to cry when I see how they disregard his bold opinions and ideas . How dare they disrespect this man of vision,leadership, analysis and science ?  He truy is a hero and he will lead us. I wish he was in bosnia druing the war 1992-1995 surely he would have managed to make peace by strength of his positive energy and appearance alone ! But God Almighty and Vibrating Energy led him to another path, a path of discovery, selfintrospective and research. May we live long enough to prepare for the Mayan prophecy of 2012. By the way, below is the mail address of mr. Kavrhoshkin. A friend of mine, bosnian scientist Mr.Omerbashich, has worked with Kavroshkin, so You have his permission to mention him, so that Mr. Kavrhoshkin will take you more seriously and help you. Oleg Kavroshkin email: khavole@ifz.ru
God bless!

Hello Billy!
I'm building new page in Russian about Bosnian pyramid for my web site now I think after some days it would be ready. Did Foundation decide something about me?
Sorry for my perseverance but I think about it every hour :)



Hello, please have some patience, as we are processing many requests (daily about 50 people apply for volunteering).
I will certainly inform You when your report on the test done is ready - no worries about that. We normally have 3 people working on it, but 2 of them are currently on vacation and the one working alone is rather old and works very slowly.
I hope we can finish it by weekend. Please send me some samples on the new web-site you want to make - and tell me more about it ? Would You be willing to accept PAID advertisements on this new site ?

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Hocete li jos MAXIMA ?

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2007/8/29, Maxim Yakovenko <mayak16@mail.ru>:

Hello Billy!
Sorry for this note to my accommodation cost.
I visited web site of motel Sunca in Visoko.
The price for the single bed room is 50 KM. As I know 1KM =0.5 euro approximately. It's mean 750 euro for 30 days but I wrote You only 300 euro for hotel cost. I don't know another variant of accommodation in Visoko. Can Foundation find me room at hotel (motel) or little apartment in the city?
Tnank you
I'm waiting questionnaire from You :)

Best regards,

Hello Maxim.
No worries , we will handle Your costs.
I didnt forget about the questionaire , just have been a little too busy this week.
But I am sure I will make it to send it to you by the end of this week....
One question aside from this - if the foundation decided to (after volunteer work) offer you a paid 9-month specialization at an institute in Paris (accomodation, visa fees and food costs covered by foundation), would you be interested ?

Kind regards

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Hey Billy!

Thank you for note on my web site. I watch news about Bosnian pyramids daily. I have a dream to go to Visoko like volunteer for month or more. But I haven't maney for tickets. I wrote to administration of official web site of Bosnian valley of pyramids but they don't receive me.
Did you look pages about megalithic sites of my region?



Hi Maxim,
I will see what I can do .
Do you also need money for accomodation (hotel) and food ?
It would have been much easier for me to push something through , if I knew Your area of interest - what would you like to work on ??
Kind regards

Hi Billy!

Thank you for your willingness to help  me.
Taking part in a great discovery of present time in Bosnia is my dream.

I can do different kinds of work in Visoko.
I would like to be volunteer and to work in excavation on the pyramids,or to be a guide for English and Russian speaking tourists and guests or to make administrative work.

I have a big experience (for 3 years) in organizing international scientific and students seminars and conferences at my University. I worked with foreigners and with USA consulate in Vladivostok. More about me in c.v. that I attached in Word file. Also my experience of researching of megalithic sites in my region can help me in Visoko. More than over my  big article in Russian about pyramids will publish at the popular regional magazine  Open Horizon" in October.

Yes I need in accommodations (hostel or hotel and food) and part of money for  air tickets if it possible. My family can take me part money for air tickets from Vladivostok to Moscow and from Moscow to Vladivostok.
Do you live in BaH or in Croatia?
I would be very thankful for any your help.
Kind regards,

Hello Billy,
Something happened with e-mail yesterday. I attache my c.v. to this letter like WORD file. Unfortunately I can't make PDF CVs.
Now I'm writing You letter about "...information regarding costs and your duration of stay". I'll send it You after an hour.

Hi Maxim, I received your C.V.  it looks interesting.

After I analyze it more thoroughly , I will send you a questionare to fill , so that we may sort you out in our database very efficiently - You see we have something like 50 applications like yours *every day* and we have to separate well educated people like you from "ordinary" enthusiasts.
Thanks so much, once again

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ponedjeljak, kolovoz 25, 2008
U cast konferencije piramidiota , a u najboljoj tradiciji naseg novinarstva, gdje se kompromitirajuci materijali arhiviraju i cekaju na objavljivanje u pogodnom trenutku (vidi npr. ba.wikipedia.com/Avaz) , odlucio sam da sa Vama dragi citatelji podijelim neke mome srcu veoma drage materijale .

Naime, izvjesni Maxim Yakovenko , inace jedan od ucesnika piramidotske konferencije je valjda zabunom, sta li, kako li, pomislio da ja pisem nekakav afirmativni blog o piramidama i zamolio me da ga preko stele "uvalim" u fondaciju .

Jos uvijek misleci da doticni ima zrno pameti i da nije bas toliki kreten koliko obicno pretpostavimo za prosjecnog piramidiota , kazem mu ja , "moze jarane, al da te malo propitam" - u prevodu , da mi neke testove uradis.

Kaze on, moze.
Phew, ja i dalje kontam nije lik valjda toliko glup....

I jednu noc , oko 2-3 ujutro , uz rum i omiljene grickalice sjednem i napisem sest stranica testa sa najglupljim mogucim pitanjima (i odgovorima) koje uopce mozete zamisliti. Pogledam jos jednom i kontam, ma skontace valjda debil o kakvoj se zajebanciji radi . Dobro i meni i njemu, ja skinem kretena s vrata (stalno me peglao da ga uvalim preko stele kod semketa bahahaha), a njemu zauhar jedno iskustvo vise .

I posaljem ja to tako sa instrukcijom da to isprinta,lijepo popuni hemijskom olovkom , skenira ili fotografise i posalje mi nazad.

Jos uvijek vjerujem u tu stvarnost , i kontam da ce lik skontati da ga zajebavam.

Evo kako je skontao .

Maxim genijalac 1/6

Maxim genijalac 2/6

Maxim genijalac 3/6

Maxim genijalac 4/6

Maxim genijalac 5/6

Maxim genijalac 6/6

Htio sam dodati jos pitanja al vise nisam imao energije da pisem, a i nestalo je ruma....

Comming up > Yakovenkove molbe za prijem u fondaciju , uvlacenje , duga noc u Vladivostoku i druge pikanterije ....

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“Piramide u Visokom postoje i to je činjenica koja se ne može osporiti. Onaj ko kaže da to nisu piramide ne zna osnovne činjenice o piramidalnim strukturama”, kazao je prof. dr. Swelim.

Konferencija je bila prilika da razmijenimo naučne argumente o ovom pitanju. Odbijanje naučne diskusije je neprihvatljivo”, istakao je prof. dr.  Swelim.  

Stay tuned .

U iducem postu donosimo neke zanimljive materijale
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petak, kolovoz 22, 2008
Posveta novinarskoj "pismenosti" (courtesy of "the Onion")

Breaking News: Something Happening In Haiti
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utorak, kolovoz 12, 2008
U dogadjajima hefte, izvjesni Mikhail Sakashwili , inace, neformalno saznajemo -  polaznik vojne akademije "gen.Rasim Delic", te pripadnik  drustva mudraca  "Alija Izetbegovic -Drzavotvorac"  je zamislio da je rahmetli Franjo Tudjman i krenuo u operaciju osvajanja okupirane teritorije ...

Predsjednik Sakashwili -prilikom dubokoumnog razgovora
sa predstavnicima medija

Sa vojnim snagama od oko 20,000 prasinara , 90 komada artiljerije i pazite sad, cak 7 Su-25 aviona , lik se upustio u konfrontaciju sa jednom od najjacih armija na svijetu . Usput je vec imao 2,000 trupa u Iraku, kao treci najveci kontigent , poslije USA i UK  jer je poznatoda je Gruzija sa svojih 4 miliona stanovnika ekonomska i vojna sila i moze pored svojih internih problema imati fore da se poigra zapadnjaka na bliskom istoku.

Izvrsna strateska situacija za gruzijskog predsjednika
- sifra "lako cemo"

I fakat , krenuse Gruzini na dan otvaranja Olimpijskih igara sa svojih 7 aviona i zauzese nekakav Tschinwali (prvi put cujem) i kao , ono, "Oluja", ovi oslobadjaju, oni tamo bjeze na traktorima ... Sasvim logican potez, jer je poznato da posto ce rusko vodstvo biti u dalekom Pekingu , naravno nema nikakvog  nacina da ta vijest doputuje do njih prije 15-20 dana, a mozda i mjesec. A do tad ce vec i Abkhazija biti rijesena , i Gruzija bit primljena u NATO

Helem nejse ...
Ne prodje ni koliko bi rekao "Operacija iracka sloboda" ....

Probudi se medvjed i poce urlikati ....

Efikasan nacin transporta , obzirom na cijene goriva ....

Onih 7 gruzijskih aviona nije bas pomoglo u odvracanju ruskog protuudara ....

Klasika : Zapad svojim marionetama uvijek daje svu moralnu podrsku, i naravno ostre rijeci
 osude za agresora

Sakashwili (na slici : sa nidje veze frizurom)  bjezi u zaklon u Goriju

Trovremenski "Taft"  - 6 sati kasnije, frizura je postojana ....

Najnovija vijest je da su se Rusi  za sada odlucili primiriti , a  polaznicima vojne akademije "Rasim Delic" je data jos jedna vrijedna lekcija i sedmica ispunjena radom i ucenjem.


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petak, kolovoz 8, 2008
Bosna i Hercegovina

Bosna i Hercegovina je zemlja sa brojnim prirodnim ljepotama.
Bosna i Hercegovina je zemlja 2 entiteta i 3 naroda .
Bosna i Hercegovina je potencijalno bogata zemlja.

U Bosni i Hercegovini se možete parkirati auto  ispred zgrada u kojima ne stanujete i ispred poslovnih zgrada u kojima ne radite . Ukoliko vam neko stavi primjedbu, raspravu cete lako razrijesiti upotrebom vatrenog i hladnog oruzja.

BiH je trzisna ekonomija u kojoj se bankari dogovaraju o zajednickom podizanju kamata, pekari, naftasi , trgovci dogovaraju podizanje svojih marzi , pardon, pracenju "svjetskih trendova", i jos pri tome to javno objavljuju na TV-u, radiju i novinama - dok polupismeni novinari od kojih vecina jedva da ima kakvu srednjoskolsku svjedodzbu - se ne sjete priupitati da li se tu radi o kartelskom poslovanju i krsenju zakona drzave. O tuzilastvu i sudstvu bolje da ne pricamo .

BiH je toliko na repu zbivanja da se ovdje vrse specijalne promocije web-stranica i portala drzavnih firmi maltene kao da smo upravo pokrenuli svemirski program .

U BiH , svaki kreten moze osnovat svoju politicku partiju. Ma koliko minorna i nebitna bila, ta ista stranka ce preko nepismenih novinarcica bombardovati javnost brojnim saopcenjima, priopcenjima i izopcenjiam .

Kad smo vec kod politike, zahvaljujuci nasim polusposobnim imbecilima, fini engleski i francuski eksperti su se potrudili da nam skroje takve izborne zakone kojima se odrzava etnicka podijeljenost nacije . Nesto slicno su imali u Indiji dok se nije podijelila na 2 drzave, cime je naravno cijeli taj region stabiliziran i na indijskom poluotoku u zadnih 50 godina nije bilo 5 ratova niti su se susjedne drzave naoruzale nuklearnim oruzjem , vec su iskoristile taj period za prosperitet i ekonomski razvoj.

U Bosni i Hercegovini , jedna pepeljara u zgradi  vlade RS kosta 350.-€ .Sitnica, vrijednost prosjecne netto place .

U Bosni i Hercegovini, u vec spomenutoj zgradi vlade RS imaju lustere kao u kremlju i carske stolice sa pozlatom .

U Bosni i Hercegovini ima jedan grad Travnik . Velicine tako, mozda kao vila Nedzada Brankovica sa okucnicom na Poljinama. U tom gradu imaju tri univerziteta.

U Bosni i Hercegovini je vecina ratnih i poratnih politicara : 1. prije rata bila u zatvoru 2. poslije rata bila osudjivana ili zatvarana za privredni kriminal.

U BiH se u nauku i razvoj ulaze oko 20 puta manje od prosjeka EU .

U BiH je rodjen nadaleko  poznati pisac, autor romana "Hamdibeg" , Haris Silajdzic, koji se poslije penzionisanja rekreativno bavi predsjednikovanjem .

U BiH se sada zivi bolje nego prije rata . Bar je tako govorio Alija "Dedo" Izetbegovic .

Škoda Octavia se u BiH smatra luksuznim i vrhunskim autom.

Gradjanima BiH je potrebna ulazna viza za oko 180 zemalja svijeta.

U BiH zive vecinom glupi ljudi .

( Semir Osmanagic pokazuje hrpu kamenja - preuzeto sa stranice Fondacije )

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utorak, kolovoz 5, 2008
prevara @ 19:58 |Komentiraj | Komentari: 0
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