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utorak, kolovoz 26, 2008
2007/8/29, Maxim Yakovenko <mayak16@mail.ru>:

Hello Billy!
Sorry for this note to my accommodation cost.
I visited web site of motel Sunca in Visoko.
The price for the single bed room is 50 KM. As I know 1KM =0.5 euro approximately. It's mean 750 euro for 30 days but I wrote You only 300 euro for hotel cost. I don't know another variant of accommodation in Visoko. Can Foundation find me room at hotel (motel) or little apartment in the city?
Tnank you
I'm waiting questionnaire from You :)

Best regards,

Hello Maxim.
No worries , we will handle Your costs.
I didnt forget about the questionaire , just have been a little too busy this week.
But I am sure I will make it to send it to you by the end of this week....
One question aside from this - if the foundation decided to (after volunteer work) offer you a paid 9-month specialization at an institute in Paris (accomodation, visa fees and food costs covered by foundation), would you be interested ?

Kind regards

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