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utorak, kolovoz 26, 2008

Hey Billy!

Thank you for note on my web site. I watch news about Bosnian pyramids daily. I have a dream to go to Visoko like volunteer for month or more. But I haven't maney for tickets. I wrote to administration of official web site of Bosnian valley of pyramids but they don't receive me.
Did you look pages about megalithic sites of my region?



Hi Maxim,
I will see what I can do .
Do you also need money for accomodation (hotel) and food ?
It would have been much easier for me to push something through , if I knew Your area of interest - what would you like to work on ??
Kind regards

Hi Billy!

Thank you for your willingness to help  me.
Taking part in a great discovery of present time in Bosnia is my dream.

I can do different kinds of work in Visoko.
I would like to be volunteer and to work in excavation on the pyramids,or to be a guide for English and Russian speaking tourists and guests or to make administrative work.

I have a big experience (for 3 years) in organizing international scientific and students seminars and conferences at my University. I worked with foreigners and with USA consulate in Vladivostok. More about me in c.v. that I attached in Word file. Also my experience of researching of megalithic sites in my region can help me in Visoko. More than over my  big article in Russian about pyramids will publish at the popular regional magazine  Open Horizon" in October.

Yes I need in accommodations (hostel or hotel and food) and part of money for  air tickets if it possible. My family can take me part money for air tickets from Vladivostok to Moscow and from Moscow to Vladivostok.
Do you live in BaH or in Croatia?
I would be very thankful for any your help.
Kind regards,

Hello Billy,
Something happened with e-mail yesterday. I attache my c.v. to this letter like WORD file. Unfortunately I can't make PDF CVs.
Now I'm writing You letter about "...information regarding costs and your duration of stay". I'll send it You after an hour.

Hi Maxim, I received your C.V.  it looks interesting.

After I analyze it more thoroughly , I will send you a questionare to fill , so that we may sort you out in our database very efficiently - You see we have something like 50 applications like yours *every day* and we have to separate well educated people like you from "ordinary" enthusiasts.
Thanks so much, once again

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