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utorak, kolovoz 26, 2008
Hello Billy!

I understand why You admire Semir when I saw his pictures on Internet at first ( April 2006) I felt  a big impulse of shine and kind energy.
I wrote a letter to him 3 weeks ago I would like to quote fragment:
" I  am fascinate your brave and honor in  pyramids exploration  in Visoko. I have been watching news from excavations daily for 2 years. Your great discovery in Bosnia changed my life I began to research megalithic sites of Primorsky kray where I live. And after I built my web site about it in English because world society should know about pre-historic sites in my region.
You  Mr. Osmanagic are  hero for me because you dare to change the fundamental and rotten system of  history and anthropology sciences.
The discovery of Bosnian pyramids may change consciousness of humankind and all ideas of ancient, pre-historic times. It's very important now when the Earth is stand negative spiral and vibration. But Earth will have changed by  the and of 2012. I know that you researched Maya's calendar and now understand all meaning of this time. Your discovery in Bosnia  is one step to new era that would begin in 2012. Then  humankind consciousness must change.  Modern scientific, politic, religion consciousness will change then also. Pyramids in Visoko will re-written  orthodox history and will change people consciousness+".

I will be glad and happy to meat with Semir in future.
Anywhere! I can't find work address and e-mail of Oleg Khovroshkin geophysics from Russian Science Academy which researched pyramids constructions on July. I would like to correspond with him I think my Russian web site about pyramids would be interesting for him. My be he write a topic for web site!
If You know his e-mail or work address could you please give it to me?
Thank You VERY MUCH for everything that you do for me 


Hi, Yes well You know - everybody in Bosnia loves Semir because he will solve all of our problems. The scientist dont understand this great man , and it sometimes makes me want to cry when I see how they disregard his bold opinions and ideas . How dare they disrespect this man of vision,leadership, analysis and science ?  He truy is a hero and he will lead us. I wish he was in bosnia druing the war 1992-1995 surely he would have managed to make peace by strength of his positive energy and appearance alone ! But God Almighty and Vibrating Energy led him to another path, a path of discovery, selfintrospective and research. May we live long enough to prepare for the Mayan prophecy of 2012. By the way, below is the mail address of mr. Kavrhoshkin. A friend of mine, bosnian scientist Mr.Omerbashich, has worked with Kavroshkin, so You have his permission to mention him, so that Mr. Kavrhoshkin will take you more seriously and help you. Oleg Kavroshkin email: khavole@ifz.ru
God bless!

Hello Billy!
I'm building new page in Russian about Bosnian pyramid for my web site now I think after some days it would be ready. Did Foundation decide something about me?
Sorry for my perseverance but I think about it every hour :)



Hello, please have some patience, as we are processing many requests (daily about 50 people apply for volunteering).
I will certainly inform You when your report on the test done is ready - no worries about that. We normally have 3 people working on it, but 2 of them are currently on vacation and the one working alone is rather old and works very slowly.
I hope we can finish it by weekend. Please send me some samples on the new web-site you want to make - and tell me more about it ? Would You be willing to accept PAID advertisements on this new site ?

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